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DanceLife Dancewear & Dance shoes Co.,  Ltd.
DanceLife Dancewear & Dance shoes Co., Ltd.
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Name:Ms. Wendy Zhang [Sales]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: dancelifecn@yahoo.com Y!: dancelifecn
ICQ: 606847168
Windows Live: dancelifecn@hotmail.com dancelifecn@hotmail.com
Skype: dancelife01
Google Talk:  dancelifesales@gmail.com  dancelifesales@gmail.com
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Ms. Wendy Zhang at Guangzhou
Phone Number:Phone number of Ms. Wendy Zhang at Guangzhou
Fax Number:Fax number of Ms. Wendy Zhang at Guangzhou
Address:B313, 3/F, WanSheng MingJia, No.561, National Highway 105, Dashi, Panyu, Guangzhou, China
Guangzhou 511431, Guangdong
wendy@ dancelifecn.com
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Registration Date:Jun. 11, 2011
Last Updated:Jun. 29, 2013
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Apparel & Fashion category

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Company Brief

DanceLife is a professional manufactuer of an extensive collection of dance wear and dance shoes which consists of ballet leotards, tutus, ballet tights, jazz pants, dance skirts, yoga wear, active wear, ballet shoes, jazz shoes, sneakers, ballroom shoes, latin shoes, tap shoes, character shoes, accessories and all other dance related products.

Our main advantages:
* Great experience in the production of dancing products since 2006.
* Strong design capability for OEM & ODM orders.
* Competitive prices: same quality, our prices are the lowest; same price, our quality is the best.
* Short production time
* Diversity payment term: PayPal; T/ T; Western Union, you can choose anyone at your convenience.

We have established our reputation as a professional dancing supplier among our customers, which is mainly attributable to the professional and fashionable designs, competitive and affordable prices, as well as the promised fast shipping.

Better quality? Lower price? More styles? DanceLife can offer you the best one-stop solution! We are here to help you to enjoy your DanceLife!

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